Darrell Walters

is a psychotherapist and technology consultant in Los Angeles. His treatment approach is informed by the latest research in neuroscience, psychological theories and developmental perspectives. He is passionate about identifying the key characteristics that lead to positive, lasting change.

Darrell specializes in working with neurodevelopmental and life-adjustment challenges. This includes executive functioning issues, moodiness and depression, or anxiety due to high academic pressure, life stress, or divorce. Darrell also works extensively with technology-related issues: healthy-mind balance, boundary setting, as well as mindfulness practices for relaxation and expanding frustration tolerance.

Darrell has spent many years exploring the intersection of human thriving, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB). He has worked with Daniel J. Siegel, MD, and the team at the Mindsight Institute, to create resources based on Mind, Brainstorm, The Whole-Brain Child, and No-Drama Discipline, best-selling books on practical strategies to nurture the developing mind. Over the past several years, Darrell has worked with Dr. Siegel to produce the quarterly Mindsight Digital Journal, a 90-minute media journal capturing new ideas, trends, and observations together with the practical application of IPNB. Prior to joining the team at Mindsight, Darrell worked for Apple, where he helped with the development and implementation of training programs, workshops, and camps, all centering around helping people maximize and optimize the use of technology in their lives.

Darrell is one of the very few psychotherapists with advanced training in the Bredesen Protocol, a novel treatment approach for Alzheimer’s Disease designed to improve and reverse cognitive impairment. He focuses on identifying risk factors of cognitive decline and works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to appropriately managed and treat memory loss.