Darrell Walters

is a psychotherapist and technology consultant in Los Angeles. His primary areas of interest include human thriving and clinical neuropsychology. He is passionate about identifying the key characteristics that optimize health and help individuals and families thrive.

He has done extensive work in the field of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), working alongside Daniel J. Siegel, MD, and Tina Bryson, PhD, to create resources based on The Whole-Brain Child, Brainstorm, and No-Drama Discipline, best-selling books on practical strategies to nurture your child's developing mind. Over the past several years, Darrell has collaborated with Dr. Siegel to produce the quarterly Mindsight Digital Journal, a 90-minute media journal capturing new ideas, trends, and observations together with the practical application of IPNB.

Additionally, with over six years of experience working with Apple, he enjoys making technology simple to understand and helping you stay a step ahead of your kids in this increasingly tech-saturated culture. With his many unique areas of interest and expertise, he enjoys helping families thrive in the good times & through the most challenging of life's circumstances.

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Life has many challenging moments, and parenting is full of them. Though we may do our best to create a conflict-free environment for our kids, moments of tension will inevitable arise. These points of tension may be due to developmental roadblocks or systemic breakdowns. This may be the result of conflict between divorcing parents, bullying at school, learning challenges, attention difficulties, mood fluctuations, sensorimotor challenges, or something as increasingly common as video-game addiction. These points of tension can be overwhelming for a child lacking loving, supportive relationships and the necessary emotional skills to self-regulate when the situation calls for it. Keeping the brain in mind, we can learn strategies to gently calm the chaos and develop your child's emotional & creative genius. These brief outbursts or giant meltdowns in our children communicate something of deep significance: a need for our soothing love & a desperate need for emotional skills to navigate through the many everyday struggles they face as they develop, grow, and become more fully themselves.

Though we would often like to wrap them in bubble-wrap and keep them stowed safely away from danger, kids will ultimately face these everyday challenges and struggles. As parents, our goal is to help create calm, healthy, and deeply loving relationships with our children, establishing a haven of safety for them to boldly explore & create positive, lasting change in their world. We hope for greater peace and well-being in their lives as we scaffold them to adulthood. We desire for them to take on big goals, with big challenges that call from deep within them a generosity that goes far beyond themselves, touching all of humanity; however, we hope to give them the essential tools for finding that crucial balance between overly-structured rigidity and meltdown chaos when they find these challenges unsurmountable. This courage and creativity is often first fostered with us: their primary support system.

Although we try our best, stressful moments inevitably arise, and when unprepared they can quickly deplete our emotional reserves. Darrell's true passion is coming alongside you in these moments, collaborating with you and your family to create a more health-promoting and optimal environment for all.

Mighty Village

Darrell is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology. He believes that lasting change is made possible through genuine, authentic connection. He holds office hours in East & West Los Angeles, and is one of the founding members of Mighty Village, a center that uniquely combines psychotherapy and medicine to more fully address complex neurodevelopmental, emotional, and family challenges.


Mindsight Institute

Darrell joined the Mindsight Institute in 2012 as Director of Media and Technology. In collaboration with Daniel J. Siegel, MD, with a scientific emphasis on the mind and well-being, Mindsight is devoted to promoting insight, compassion, and empathy in individuals, families, organizations and communities.


Lifespan Learning Institute

Darrell is an advisor for the Lifespan Learning Institute at UCLA. For nearly twenty years LLI has brought together leading experts from around the world to present their latest research and critical thinking. Cutting edge, effective and immediately relevant, Lifespan offers a great way to learn directly from leaders and legends in the mental health field.


Tech Savvy Parents

With our world becoming increasingly dependent on technology, we are in desperate need as parents to keep up. Darrell hopes to give you the tools to navigate through this rapidly evolving ecosystem, and prepare you to see technology not as the enemy but fertile soil for nurturing your child's developing mind. It is essential for parents to grasp the basics, to know what's out there, and set proper boundaries. With technology being an inevitable part of your child's life, it's crucial as parents to see the significant benefits and the potential pitfalls that exist for your child.

Though there are many fears around this issue, Darrell believes the benefits of teaching your children to be responsible with technology will give them tools for thriving in a world where it is inescapable. When parents get a handle on technology, it can be leveraged as a powerful tool for teaching responsibility and self-regulation, not to mention giving your children a tech-savvy edge in a culture that increasingly relies on technology for success in the workplace.


There is a deep desire in all of us to thrive, but all too often the stress of life overwhelms us and keeps us from experiencing it. Whether it's depression, anxiety, or neurodevelopmental challenges, different stages of life hold different challenges.

Regardless of the specific stressors, there is often a way through it when we feel a sense of genuine connection, gain insight, and pivot our approach to the problem. Darrell enjoys creating a safe space where individuals are seen and heard, and through collaboration with you and your family, together navigate through the complexity to find solutions to the underlying root causes to the challenges at hand.